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2 Weeks Old and Moving Up in the World

We made it to the CPCU (Cardiac Progressive Care Unit!) They told us this is the last room change and stop before discharge! Gabby’s heart rate is still higher than what they would like it to be, but she’s doing so well in every other category they felt it was safe to move us to the step down unit!

Just a few perks of moving to the CPCU Room: -We get to be real newborn parents…for example: pick her up when we want, change diapers, do most of the work during bath time. -Nurses only come in every four hours vs. constant monitoring right outside the door -The View -Private Bathroom/Shower -Closet with a lock

Thank you all for the continuous prayers!

2 weeks with our little lucky charm . Today was another good day! Heart rate is staying between the 160s-170s (much better than where it was!) Right now we are following Gabriella’s lead. One of the hardest things for heart babies after surgery is balancing nutrition and managing safe feeding progression as their tummy’s expand. There is no time-line for her discharge we will continue to take it day by day. Right now we are just enjoying every second we get to have our family together and love on our precious girl!

Our days don’t fit into the normal mode of what we would typically be doing, but we fully trust this is all part of his plan. Even when I’m riddled with anxiety it’s her tiny coo’s, her sisters marveling over her, the flashes of her dimple and the short stints of simple wonderment when her eyes are open taking it all in that remind me and give me peace knowing Gods presence. All the prayers being sent her way have left Corey and I in awe of his works. We aren’t sure how we will ever extend our thanks to Gabby’s prayer warriors, but it’s truly humbling…we are the lucky ones.



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Hey thanks for stopping by! My name is Kayleen, I am fairly new to the heart mom community.  We found out at our 20 week anatomy scan that our baby girl has a severe Congenital Heart Disease called HLHS in October of 2022. 

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