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Diagnosis Anniversary 10.27.23

One year ago today we learned about Gabby’s heart condition at her 20 week anatomy scan. The wind was taken out of our sails and our “normal” life we were living suddenly vanished. I will never forget October 27th, the details of this day are burned into my memory forever. I didn’t have a care in the world as my mom and I drove to our appointment to meet Corey at the OBGYN Clinic. It was our third baby, I was eager to see her sweet face and hold my first picture of her. Traffic was slow, we passed a bad wreck and it was almost as if God was trying to delay the inevitable for us that morning.

I’ve battled all the feelings this week as I have been re-reading my journal entries from that time. I wish I could say we are one year in and close to the finish line of being past all of this. The harsh truth of Gabby’s HLHS diagnosis has always been “no cure”. I could dwell on that fact forever but it would get us nowhere. Instead of worrying about our road ahead we have made a conscious effort to trust God and take this day by day. Some days obviously have been harder than others, but we’ve chosen to find our joy and celebrate victories in her palliative care plan. For heart families and for our warriors the fight is never over and clinging to hope is how we survive.

A year ago I wondered if I would make it full term. I wondered if I would get to hold my baby and see her smile, laugh and share her with her big sisters. I wondered if she would ever get to see Montana. I worried about getting an amniocentesis. I worried if we would even get an opportunity to hand her over to the amazing medical team in Colorado. Here we are one year later and we have accomplished all of those big stressors. I call that a Win and forever give my thanks to the power of prayer and our almighty creator.

I still do not doubt this was the path we were supposed to walk down. This year has been harder than any other, but it’s also been so beautiful, and full of blessings and growth. It has in no way been an easy road, I’m proud of us, but mostly proud of Gabby and her fight. I share her story to give other families some hope. I can only speak to our story, but the GOOD by far outweighs the soul crushing heart ache this path can present.

  • I pray medical research continues to advance and that a cure is on the brink.

  • I pray Gabby’s mighty but single ventricle heart continues to fight.

  • I pray for all the families learning about a hard medical diagnosis that God will wrap his arms around them and comfort them as they navigate a new normal.

“I, the Creator of the universe, am the most creative Being imaginable. I will not leave you circling in deeply rutted paths. Instead, I will lead you along fresh trails of adventure, revealing to you things you didn't know. Stay in communication with Me. Follow My Guiding Presence.”



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Hey thanks for stopping by! My name is Kayleen, I am fairly new to the heart mom community.  We found out at our 20 week anatomy scan that our baby girl has a severe Congenital Heart Disease called HLHS in October of 2022. 

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